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The Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts

Welcome to The Smith Family Conservatory of the Arts, an exciting K-12 program designed to discover and cultivate the extraordinary God given talents of budding, young artists!


TKA Conservatory alum, Emma Percy, designed the lighting for her Senior Project main stage production, "The Servant of Two Masters" at Marymount Manhattan College

Emma was head lighting designer and worked closely with renowned director, Carter Gill. Emma will be graduating early with a BA in Theatre Arts and is excited to pursue her dreams in Theatre Arts. The TKA Conservatory is proud of Emma's accomplishments and the way she has represented her alma-mater in New York City.

About Us

Located on approximately 60 acres at the northeast corner of Belvedere Road and Sansbury's Way in Palm Beach County, Florida our campus consists of 16 buildings (Lower Elementary, Administration, Upper Elementary, High School Administration, High School Science, High School Education, M. Nelson Loveland Athletic Center, Elementary Music, Cafeteria, Rosemary Beaumont Library, Field House, Bus Garage/Maintenance, Events Center (completed in 2012), Full-Page Aquatic Center (completed in 2015), Page Family Center for Performing Arts (completed in 2017) and Boswell Science & Technology Center (completed in 2018) encompassing approximately 225,000 square feet. In 2015 we added Studio 70, a television broadcasting facility.