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Jennifer Fortnash accepted as graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts

Jennifer Fortnash (TKA alumna, 2009) was recently accepted as an Animation & Digital Arts graduate student at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. As the world’s leading program of it’s kind, the application process is highly competitive, and educators from the school include many Academy Award and Oscar winners. Jennifer’s work has earned accolade from the editors of National Geographic and has been displayed at the Louvre Museum. Over the past couple years, Jennifer has traveled the United States as the Interactive Visual Coordinator (chief photographer) for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day event series, and started a photography program for teens at the Boys & Girls Club where she dedicated over 600 hours of volunteer service.

About her ventures in animation at USC, Jennifer says, “I feel like when I tell people I’m going into animation, they assume I’ll be sitting with paper and pencil illustrating in the style of classic Disney movies or cartoons. While there’s something to be said of the beauty in that particular style, there are so many other fascinating, innovative applications people don’t immediately think of. I’m interested in looking at animation through an interdisciplinary lens and exploring storytelling through emerging, immersive technologies such as projection mapping and virtual reality, since the territory there is still steadily expanding with questions left to answer and terrain to pioneer.

Animation has the ability to communicate stories and ideas differently; it has the power to take reality, move beyond it, transform our understanding of it, and make it better. Digital art envisions what is possible, taking people to a place where they are more open to seeing things in a new way, and in that sense it is a great awareness bringer and conversation starter, ultimately planting the seeds for action.”

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