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Yanni’s Featured Soloist & TKA Grad, Lauren Jelencovich

To be a part of a world tour at a young age across the United States, South America, China, Thailand, Russia, and Duba, Israel, Turkey and Lebanon is a dream come true.

In this week’s Extraordinary People, CBS 12’s Michele Wright spotlights a hometown star shining bright and inspiring others to live big and never give up on *their* wildest dreams.

Soloist, Actress and Artist. 3 ways to introduce local celebrity & The King’s Academy alumni Lauren Jelencovich. A Wellington resident, she has toured the world and is performing at The Kravis Center with Yanni as part of his Florida tour.

Lauren tells CBS 12 ‘s Anchor Michele Wright, “I went to the Kings Academy and started singing at a very young age. Then I went to the Manhattan School of Music in New York right after high school. I was in an off Broadway show kinda auditioned all around. Studied opera and musical theater. But before that oh my gosh I totally forgot that I won star search with Ed McMahonn. Which was kinda like a big thing.”

One of her wildest dreams came true when she received a phone call to tour with Yanni who is a Palm Beach resident.

“They said they wanted to fly me to Palm Beach to sing for him. I said ok great. I had no idea Yanni lived 25 minutes from where I grew up. Now I’m on tour with him traveling around the world.”

In a tough music industry…her family, friends and fans are her foundation.

“My family has definitely been one of the greatest supporters that I’ve ever had. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. They’ve always been behind me every step of the way. My sister is my biggest fan and the best public relations manager. I love them all so much.”

Excited about the release of her brand new CD, Lauren says her life is true to her song “Wildest Dreams”. She loves being a world traveler…but says there is nothing like performing in her hometown.

“I get this feeling like Ah I’m home.”

Giving back to schools, giving seminars and mentoring disadvantaged youth, Lauren hopes her journey to be a professional singer is an inspiration to others to never give up.

“You have to practice. You have to want it. And there’s nothing that can get in the way of what you want. So I say go for it.”

Visit Lauren Jelencovich’s official website HERE

View her upcoming tour dates HERE

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Buy her new CD “Wildest Dreams” HERE




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